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49 Essential Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know

Thinking Of Buying A Home Soon?

If you’re planning to buy a home in the next 6 months, you’ll want a copy of my Free consumer guide, 49 Essential Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know.” My exclusive report will help you avoid frustrations when finding, buying, and financing your next home. To get a copy, just email me, or call me at: 478-283-4483.

Here are some highlights….

“You Don’t Make Money When You Sell A Home, You Make Money When You Buy It!”, Sylvia Moore

“Why Most Home Buyers Lose Thousands Of Dollars When Finding, Buying And Financing Their Home…”

       It’s true.  Even savvy home buyers lose thousands of dollars…even tens of thousands of dollars they could have “pocketed” had they known about the important “secrets” that make up a successful purchase of a great home.

       They don’t lose money because someone took advantage of them.  And they don’t lose money because of the economy.  The problem is…

 “Most People Don’t Plan To Fail…But Fail To Plan.”

       If you’re in the market to buy a home anytime soon, and you want to find the perfect home at the best possible price, terms, and financing, there are THREE things you need to do up front:

       First, understand and get control of your personal emotions about the purchase of your home Second, get the most valuable, important information available so you make a prudent and educated decision.  And third, become informed about the very best financial resources and products to fit YOUR needs…NOW, not later.

       After all, buying your home is very different from any other financial transaction.  It isn’t just a “home,” it’s a transaction that affects your monthly overhead expenses…your ultimate net worth…your retirement…your kids education…and much more.

       So it’s no surprise that buying your home may involve a bit of fear, anxiety, frustration…or even excitement for that next move in your life.

       The secret is…try not to let these emotions get in the way of a prudent purchase.  The tips and information in this report will help you have a better understanding of most, if not all, aspects involved with the purchase of your next home.

       So, let’s examine some of the critical questions you might have with your next home purchase…

 1.    What is an “as is” sale?

An “as is” property is sold without a warranty as to condition, repairs, or structure.  With an “as is” sale, the buyer is on notice that the seller makes no promises regarding the property’s physical status.  With an “as is” sale, it is extremely difficult to make a claim against a seller if something is found to be wrong with the property after closing.  “As is” clauses should be seen as an absolute requirement to make the transaction contingent on a professional inspection “satisfactory” to you.  With a properly written sale agreement contingency, if you are not satisfied, then the deal is dead and you can get back your deposit in full….

49.  Do people really make millions of dollars buying with no money down?

There are 49 secrets and tips you Absolutely must Know before Buying a Home in my Special Report 49 Essential Tips Every Home Buyer Should Know.” Get your report today by emailing me at and ask for this report by name!  I’ll mail it or email it to you immediately!  Thanks, Sylvia

How to Sell Your Home with or Without an agent: Part Three

Check out the Green House from HGTV, then read Part Three of Pricing your Home to Sell below.

Part Three: Pricing your home to sell.

Now that you have decluttered and staged the home for buyers, it’s time to get the house on the market. On the Market… hmmm… what does that mean? It means exposing the home to as many potential buyers as possible. But, first, you must price you home correctly.

Too high and you lose all the best buyers at the beginning (I’ll explain this later). Too low, and you miss out on buyers looking in the “correct” price range. Buyers and agents do not scan EVERY listing – they search in a specific price range to avoid pulling up 100’s of listings. So, just a few hundred too low and you just removed yourself from buyers who are willing to pay you for what you home is worth. Instead, you are priced below market and you may even appear to be motivated.

Ahhh, motivated. It’s a wonderful word….if you represent the buyer. Motivated sellers might as well have a t-shirt that says, “I’m giving my house away….please make a low offer”. Don’t get me wrong – it’s okay to be motivated – it is not okay to advertise that to the world. Be motivated – just keep it to yourself.

Price the home correctly at the beginning and avoid these deadly mistakes. I hear this all the time: “I’m pricing the house high at the beginning, and I’ll lower the price in a month or two if there is no activity”. Are you kidding? The best buyers are the ones you get at the beginning of your marketing. These buyers are waiting for a home in your area to come on the market. They have looked at everything else – and they want more.

Your home hits the market too high and the buyer dismisses it. Why? Maybe the buyer is afraid you will not come off your price; perhaps he misses the listing altogether in his search. Don’t test the market! Just price the home correctly the first time.

Next post: “What price is the right price? Secrets to pricing your home at market value.” Call or write with any questions: or 478-283-4483.

This post is (c) 2015 Sylvia Moore. Use only with permission.

How to Sell our Home with or Without an agent PART TWO

Part Two:  Staging your home for sale.

There are a few tricks to staging your home to show that cost absolutely nothing. Now that you have decluttered the place, look around at shelves, coffee tables, end tables – even your bathroom counter top. Make sure all that stuff you use to have on those places is packed and ready to move. Now get to decorating.

Place decorative candles, fresh flowers, interesting books and place those in THREES. Yes, three of something and ONLY three. Two candles and a small decorative dish. Flowers, a book and a candle. Three folded kitchen towels on the kitchen counter. Don’t ask why three, just do three.

Studies show pleasant items in threes are appealing to the masses. Not 10 magazines; not every toothbrush you own, just three of something pretty and mix it up a bit. A small painting above a table and on the table a vase of flowers and another smaller decorative item will work. In a child’s room, place a decorative pillow, and perhaps two stuffed animals on the bed (Nothing else).

You are not tricking a buyer – you are removing YOU from the house so the buyer can see the BUYER living there. Remember, you are now Mary Poppins and you live in Wonderland. Keep up the staging until you move.

Call or write if you have any questions: 478-283-4483

This post is (c) 2015 Sylvia Moore. Use only with permission.

How to Sell Your Home with or without an agent: PART ONE

Part One: De-Clutter

We all get comfortable when we “live” in our homes. Admit it. Even if you are a clean freak, you still “Clean Up” before you let anyone visit. When selling your home, you have to change your evil ways and become receptive to visitors at all times. It sounds very difficult – but really, it can be done.

Step One: Declutter. I’m not sure that’s a word, but it is a nice start. Get everything out of the closet you don’t wear – everything out of the cabinets you don’t use. Pack up everything you can do without for the next couple of months and box it up and store it. You are going to move anyway – right!?!? So, start now. Remember: the way you LIVE in a house and the way you SELL a house are two different things.

You want top dollar for your home – the greatest investment you have every made????? Then become an aggressive sales person. There is no excuse for losing thousands of dollars when selling your home.

Next post is STEP TWO in getting your home ready to sell – “Staging your home for Sale”. Call me if you have any questions: 478-283-4483.