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About Sylvia

11202864_973877255978127_2032201583266491577_oWhy market your home with Sylvia Moore? I am a full-time REALTOR® and Broker. I have a full-time office staff, two offices, six computers, two cell phones and four phone lines. To the untrained person, this looks like a lot of overhead. But to me, every person and system pays off dividends in satisfied clients. They’re PROFIT centers, not costs.

There’s a difference between agents who simply sell or rent real estate, and those who COMMIT to whatever it takes to serve clients beyond their expectations. I have been in real estate related field for over 30 years, with 18 years as a REALTOR and over 15 years as a Real Estate BROKER. But more importantly, I’ve closed $million$ in home sales and rental properties. I graduated top of my class at Middle GA State University with a BS in Business Management and IT and I have a complete resume for your review.

I also make it a priority to educate you on every aspect of managing, buying, flipping, renting or selling a home in your area. I have a long list of past clients and professional references you can call at any time to discuss the quality of my service and follow-up.

I have specifically designed marketing/tracking systems for Middle Georgia markets, and for homes I manage and sell. And I have a reporting system so that every client is regularly updated and informed.

I guarantee everything I do in writing. This places the burden of risk and performance on ME, not you. I also have references for reputable people in mortgage lending, appraisals, title and escrow companies, tax specialists, and attorneys. These are people I have used in other transactions.

Each day, I speak on average with over 75 people directly related to buying, renting, managing or selling real estate. And I receive over 80% of my new clients through referrals and repeat business. My personal marketing involves such outstanding and continued service to my existing clients and personal network that they’re inclined to share my services with family and friends.